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Mobile’s Favorite Kids Martial Arts Classes!

Here at Inner Strength Taekwondo, we want to help build confident and successful students. Through our Kids Martial Arts program, students will learn how to set and achieve big goals, how to stand up to bullies, and how to persevere through any challenge. Join us at our convenient location in Mobile and see how Kids Taekwondo Classes could change your child’s life.

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Why Choose Kids Martial Arts Classes?

Some parents are worried that Taekwondo classes are all about punching and kicking, but here’s the truth: when you sign up your child for our Kids Taekwondo program, they’ll get a headstart on learning perseverance, goal-setting skills, teamwork, leadership, and more. The Tiny Dragons program is for our youngest students, ages 3 and 4, our Little Dragons class invites 5 and 6 year olds, and our Kids Martial Arts classes are for kids ages 7 to 12! Our nationally-certified instructors at Inner Strength Taekwondo will ensure that your child gets the kind of personalized guidance and attention that you won’t find anywhere else in the Mobile area.

If you’re looking for a Kids Martial Arts program that will help your child get ahead in life, look no further!


Our Kids Taekwondo classes offer:
  • Unwavering confidence
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • The chance to meet new friends & mentors
  • Lifelong habits of health and wellness

Your child will learn nonviolent anti-bullying strategies, become part of our martial arts community, and get started with habits of physical fitness that will last a lifetime. Our Kids Taekwondo Classes are designed to set students up for lasting success, whether they stay here in Mobile or wherever life takes them. Join us at Inner Strength Taekwondo and see the difference that Kids Martial Arts classes can make!

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From your child’s very first class, they’ll have a blast learning exciting Taekwondo techniques, meet new friends from across Mobile and begin learning important values like respect, perseverance, and how to cultivate an indomitable spirit!

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